welcome to cafe martin



Cafe Martin began twice, really. 

There is a 20' X 30' concrete space in the front of our home in Newton, Massachusetts. It is set back from the house a bit. 

I, Adrienne, had always said to John, 'I want to sit outside in the front like little old Italian people. Have coffee or a drink or a meal, and watch the neighborhood go by.'

Not too soon after that John scored a small cafe-like table and two chairs from a nearby neighborhood. A 'ground score' as he calls it. Someone was throwing them out & they were on the sidewalk. When John went back to get them after seeing them, he convinced a nice woman who was already putting them in her car that she did not really need them (as her husband who was in the driver seat 100% agreed and was most likely relieved to not be bringing this stuff home!). He really charmed her, as only John can, and she even helped him put the cafe table and chairs into his car. 

And so it began, a little 'cafe' space. Just for the family. Very simple and unassuming. An occasional cup of coffee was had out there. A meal here or there. A cocktail (on occasion) as well. 

About a year later, John received the devastating diagnosis of ALS. 

As his disease progressed and he slowed down, we were home more and we were hanging out more in our 'cafe'. 

As time went on, people began to come by and visit. A cup of coffee here, a meal here, many cocktails (on occasion) there. 

Slowly but surely 'Cafe Martin' began to come to life. Johns' sister, a talented and very creative artist, made the Cafe Martin sign. Friends brought plants. We bought more tables and chairs. It became such a warm, welcoming, happy, fun place for John and our family to connect with friends and family. It became a place for people to come and share their love and support. Where laughs & good cheer are plenty. 

And next thing you know, there were t-shirts. Then hats, koozies and hoodies. 

Cafe Martin has become a bit of a phenomena and we could not be any more grateful. This website is a place to bring it all together. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to follow us on the socials @teamcafemartin! 

Love, John, Adrienne, Kaia & Gabby Martin